Child Custody Battles – How to Prepare for Your Day in Court

Whether your child custody battle is a straightforward, relatively easy one or you’re a bit more complex, there are certain things that you should do to prepare for your day in court. The right preparation can help you avoid a lot of common mistakes that could hurt your chances of winning your case.

1. Don’t talk about your ex on social media or at school

If you’re involved in a custody dispute with your ex, it’s important to know that what you say on social media and in the classroom can be used against you in court. Anything that depicts you in a negative light or shows you to be a bad person can make your custody fight harder than it needs to be.

2. Be proactive about your children’s education

If your children are involved in a custody battle with your ex, it’s important to remember that the judge will be looking at your kids’ school records, including attendance and tardies, to see how well you’re interacting with them. Be proactive about your children’s education, ensuring that you are in regular contact with their teachers.

3. Stay positive during your custody battle

It’s easy to become bitter or angry when you’re involved in a child custody battle, especially if you’re the parent who is being attacked by the other party. But it’s important to keep in mind that a judge will be watching how you interact with your kids during your court hearing, so it’s in their best interests to see how you treat them and behave with them throughout the whole process.

4. Other Parent Has Done Domestic Violence 

Never request temporary orders for sole legal custody or supervised visits when you don’t have any reason to believe the other parent is abusive, has a substance abuse problem, or otherwise poses a threat to your child’s health and safety.

5. Be assertive during your child custody battle

Custody disputes are a frustrating and often painful part of divorces or other family law proceedings, but it’s also a necessary step in getting the kids back in your life. Your divorce lawyer in Miami, FL will work to ensure that you are fully informed about your options for fighting custody in order to give you the best chance of succeeding.

6. Ask for an evaluation from a mental health professional

A forensic psychologist can evaluate the child’s situation and determine what would be in their best interest. They use a variety of methods, including investigatory techniques, psychological examinations, and scientific rigor, to determine the quality of a child’s relationship with each parent.

7. Stay in touch with your children’s teachers

It’s important to remember that the judge will look at your interactions with your kids and their teachers during your custody battle, so it’s important to be proactive about your kids’ education. Attend all parent/teacher conferences, and be in weekly contact with your children’s teachers through email or phone calls.

8. Take steps to improve your situation

It’s easy to get caught up in a custody battle, but the best thing you can do is to take action as soon as possible. If you have any questions about preparing for your day in court, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We can help you find the answers you need to move forward in your case and get your kids back into your life. Visit our website at for more details.

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